Awning structure with a height of 26m!

тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!

The awning shelter for a gantry crane, made for the largest gold mining company in the Chelyabinsk region, was put into operation. Overall dimensions of the gantry crane are 38x38 m, height is 17m. In this regard, the side walls of the structure were erected with a height of 14.5m. The total dimensions of the awning structure are 50x50 m, the total height in the ridge is 26m.

For Novotent, hangars with side walls higher than 10m have long ceased to be a difficult task. The Company's long-term experience allows us to take on any projects. This is not the first such facility of Novotent. Earlier in 2016, a garage for special equipment was successfully implemented in the Moscow region. The hangar with dimensions of 30x20 m had a side wall height of 11m.

The outer and inner covering of the hangar is made of high-strength, frost-resistant PVC fabric of domestic production with a density of 900 g/m2. The facility will be in operation all-season. Therefore, a layer of insulation is laid between the two layers of the awning. The structure is equipped with two sliding gates 7x9 m, ventilation valves, and a lighting system; A logo of the customer company are applied to the end of the roof.

Installation of the facility was carried out by our own team "Novotent". During the installation of each object, the team sends a daily photo report on the work done, which allows the heads of departments to control the entire installation process. The large dimensions of the structure and its erection without internal supports required significant reinforcement of the metal frame. It is designed in strict accordance with state standards and norms, snow and wind loads of the Chelyabinsk region are taken into account, which allows guaranteeing the safety and durability of the structure.


Изображение 1 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 2 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 3 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 4 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 5 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 6 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!
Изображение 7 Тентовая конструкция высотой 26 м!

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