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Construction of awning sports facilities, sports infrastructure and complexes

In modern conditions, any sports venue or sports and recreation complex should be effectively used throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

This can be achieved through the construction of universal sports modules for existing, under construction and reconstructed sports facilities. Such lightweight, reliable all-weather modules can be quickly erected with frame and awning structures and delivered to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Izhevsk and other cities of Russia.

The use of modern materials that allow natural light to pass through, so that no daylight is required, makes these structures ideal for sporting events, as well as significantly reducing operating costs.

The frame and awning structures are the optimal solution for an indoor tennis court, ice rink, gymnastic arena, swimming pools and playgrounds, shelters for stands, equestrian sports schools, as well as for creating multifunctional sports centers and fitness centers.

Advantages of frame and awning structures:

Relatively low cost in comparison with traditional buildings.

The comfort of the structure because the sides of the awning can be rolled up in hot and sunny weather.

Short terms of project implementation

The ability to quickly dismantle the structure and move it to another place.

Ease of registration of permits, since structures of this type are classified as temporary.

For the manufacture of structures, materials are used that are resistant to high humidity, aggressive environments and sudden temperature changes. The awning covering can withstand wind and snow loads up to 450 kg/m2, frost resistance is -50°C. All works are carried out in accordance with the quality system developed according to the ISO9000 standard.

Types of sports facilities

Novotent manufactures and delivers awning and metal sports facilities and venues to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhnevartovsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia:

The frame and awning structures for horse riding arenas and stables

The rich experience of work in the sports field shows that in order to increase the profitability and the level of prestige of a sports club, it is necessary to use all-weather quickly erected shelters, which will provide comfortable conditions for the players and create a modern infrastructure of the sports center.

The frame and awning structures allow you to create as close to natural conditions for training as possible; the most important advantages are natural light, a calm atmosphere, a large amount of free space and the ability to maintain an optimal temperature for training in the building all year round. Natural lighting inside horse stables and riding halls brings the conditions of keeping and training animals closer to natural ones, while protecting them from overheating, rain, wind and snow.

Shelters for stands of maidans, construction of stadiums, hippodromes

Shelters for stands, stadiums, maidans, hippodromes are designed to create comfortable conditions for spectators when organizing cultural and festive events. The original, artistic and decorative design is an opportunity to complement traditional architectural solutions with exclusivity and an attractive aesthetic appearance.


The NOVOTENT trademark represents one of its product lines - awning architecture. This direction includes such products as:

  • Entrance lobbies are awning and metal structures designed to create artistic and decorative design of the space for recreation areas.
  • Scenes (standard, individual). Scenes are indispensable for organizing cultural and festive events.
  • Frame elements (trusses, arches, supporting frames, standards) are made of steel pipes of various cross-sections. The scenes can be both stationary and collapsible, if necessary, they are completed with podiums or platforms.

The structures of the awning architecture are original awning and metal structures designed to create a unique festive recreation space. The awning covering is decorated with artistic and decorative ornaments associated with the rich heritage of Russian culture. The dimensions of the building and the color scheme are determined by the general architectural project.

Sport today is a hobby for some, and a business for others. You can only make a profit in an equipped room. Renting a finished building is not the best option. Building a capital complex from scratch requires not only huge costs, but also bureaucratic red tape. An alternative could be the construction of a hangar-type sports complex. Its benefits are obvious.

Advantages of hangar sports complexes

  • Advantages of hangar sports complexes
  • High speed of installation.
  • The ability to quickly disassemble and transfer the structure to a new location.
  • The construction of a hangar-type sports complex does not require a permanent foundation; it can be carried out on almost any soil.
  • Simplified construction registration procedure.

Additional benefits are possible on a case-by-case basis. The managers of our company will easily make the appropriate calculations at the request of the client.

How can we help you?

Our company specializes in the construction of such structures, and also has a full production cycle. Specialists develop a complete project, after which individual structural members are manufactured, ready for transportation and assembly. If necessary, we can transport all the elements and carry out installation at the customer's site.

It is not a problem for us to build a complex of any sports direction: for football, hockey, basketball, equestrian sports, indoor swimming pools, kart tracks, fitness centers and so on.

During the twenty-five years that we have been working in the market for such services, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have become our clients.

It's easy to become our clients

To get our help in the construction of the sports complex, it is enough to leave a message in the online chat. The operator will quickly answer it. In addition, you can contact the managers of the Company in one of the ways indicated on the contact page.

We use an individual approach and determine the cost of work in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the customer, we offer him the best mutually beneficial option.  

Completed projects


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Additional Services



Lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire extinguishing system

Advertising application

Advertising application

Application of advertising and illustrations on the awning: screen printing, full-color printing, combined type of advertising.

Smart hangar

Smart hangar

Smart hangar is a system that includes sensors, control elements and actuators.

Mesh facade

Mesh facade

The textile façade is a mesh fabric with a polyester backing coated with PVC.


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