Our Works has a full process cycle of production - products, their units and parts are designed, manufactured and tested in-house.

3 awning areas


Number of employees


Quality control

Production area


The fundamental goal of organizing the process of passing orders is the timely production of orders that meet the requirements of the client and the technical specifications of the enterprise. The work of the divisions of the enterprise is organized in such a way as to ensure the maximum speed of the order passing with the simultaneous observance of all its quality parameters.

Managers, when accepting orders from customers, carefully analyze the technical design assignment and, if necessary, recommend improvements to customers to improve the quality of their products.

Upon reaching a mutual agreement on the terms of joint cooperation with the client, the managers draw up a supply agreement in two copies.

Design department

Hangar draft design

The design department develops a draft design in accordance with PR 14-2010. For convenience, the design department provides a model in 3D so that the client can clearly see how the structure will look in the future.

When developing a draft design, the following is determined by the awning frame:

  • frame diagram
  • fastening system
  • awning coloration
  • location of inputs and outputs
  • material

After approval of the draft design by the client, the sales manager draws up the Technical Design Assignment with the approximate production time and the client's signature.

Awning section

Order an awning hangar
Hangars’ awning shell

3 awning section of 6000 m2 in area

The hangars’ awning shell is made of strips of a special material covered with PVC on 2 sides. The strips have hermetically sealed welds made by hot air welding, hot-melt adhesive or HFC units. The awning material is resistant to petrol and oils. Forsstrom

Welding gun LEISTER


Welding machine LEISTER


Computer-controlled high quality welding machine Forsstrom


Metal production workshop

Welding of steel structures

Welding of steel structures is carried out according to the developed process. The need to use assembly rigs, conductors, fixtures, etc. is determined by the department of the chief technologist based on the requirements of the design documentation. Welds meet the requirements of GOST 14771 - 76, GOST 5264 - 80.

Painting shop

Painting shop
Painting of metal structures

The quality of surface cleaning from fatty contamination corresponds to the second degree of degreasing according to GOST 9.402.

The quality of surface cleaning from fatty contamination corresponds to the second degree of degreasing according to GOST 9.402.

Check assembly

Check assembly

After the completion of preparation for production, a prototype of the product is made. The entire batch of this order is only put into production with positive results of acceptance and load tests of the prototype for compliance with the design documentation.



The elements of the frame and awning panels of hangars are marked with an item number (or brand) according to the list of shipping marks (specifications) and the installation diagram. In addition, orientation markings can be applied for the correct orientation of structural elements.

Completion and transportation

Completion and transportation

Transportation of structures is carried out by road, rail, sea and air transport per GOST 5959-80 type U1 in accordance with the current rules for the carriage of goods by transport. Transportation and storage conditions are in accordance with GOST 15150-69.