Location Perm Territory
Hangar type "D"
Width 36m
Length 102m
Wall height 4m
Ridge height 8.6m

The Novotent Co. has implemented a frame and awning warehouse of type D in the Perm Territory. The total area of the structure is 3,672 m2, its dimensions are 102x36 m, the height of the side wall is 4.5 m. The roof of the warehouse is made of a white awning covering in one layer, which allows up to 80% of daylight to pass through, thereby reducing the cost of artificial lighting. The logo of the customer is placed on the end of the roof. Especially to prevent vandalism, the walls are covered with corrugated sheets along the entire perimeter of the hangar. If the territory on which the structure is located is not fenced off, it is recommended to build just such a hangar. The design provides for swing gate 3x3 m with a wickets 2x1 m on the side wall of the structure - 3 pcs, at the end - 1 pc. The facility was commissioned to the customer on time. Novotent has been working with this customer for several years. In 2016, another warehouse with a size of 57x18 m was erected for this customer.

Warehouses are one of the most demanded in the construction of quick-erect frame and awning structures. They are a profitable alternative to traditional permanent facilities. They do not need a massive foundation, they are much cheaper, they are erected in a shorter time and are distinguished by ease of installation, are resistant to environmental influences, and have an aesthetic appearance. To erect awning warehouses, there is no need to obtain permits for construction, since prefabricated structures are classified as temporary ones. It is enough to have entitlement to use the land, which automatically allows the installation of temporary structures, including on leased areas.

The Novotent builds on a turnkey basis according to individual customer projects, taking into account his wishes when choosing colors, the location of the gates, utilities, as well as the necessary warehouse equipment.

Photos of the facility:

Склад рассчитать стоимость строительства
Склад построить недорого
Недорогой тентовый склад цены
Склад быстровозводимый цены
Склад из металлоконструкций цена
Тентовый склад, рассчитать стоимость