Workshop for the production of fiber-reinforced foamed concrete - Moscow region

Цех по производству фибропенобетона - Московская область
Location Moscow Region
Year of built 2011
Brief description B 12х60х6, awning covering - Heytex (Germany), snow load, kN - snow region 3, wind load, m/s - wind region 1

This hangar is intended for the production purpose: the production of fiber-reinforced foamed concrete. Thanks to the height of the walls, the entire space of the building is fully utilized during shelf storage, even the space near the walls. In the interior of a building, workshops and utility rooms can be organized by using partitions. The warehouse can be easily assembled by bolting parts together without welding at the assembly. They consist of steel frames made of C245, interconnected by longitudinal ties (purlins) and wind diagonal braces. All structural connections are fastened to each other with high-strength bolts.

From a wide range of colors, the client opted for a white roof and gray walls with a red stripe. The hangar is designed and tested to high quality standards and designed for the most adverse regional weather conditions, including snowfall, hurricanes and earthquakes. The facility was completed with a data sheet and quality certificates.

Photos of the facility:

Цех по производству фибропенобетона строительство
Стоимость цеха по производству фибропенобетона
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