Warehouse hangar for containers

Ангар-склад под тару
Location Krasnodar Territory
Year of built 2013
Width 25 m
Length 100 m
Side wall height 6 m
Characteristics Snow region - 3, wind region - 4 according to SNiP

The frame and awning hangars NOVOTENT consist of a metal frame, which is easy to assemble and dismantle, covered with PVC awning fabric. The main difference between frame and awning structures from traditional ones is the presence of horizontal and vertical bracing designed for better fabric tension. Such hangars are very popular as warehouses for both seasonal and year-round storage of goods, grain and vegetable stores, premises for processing products, shelters for construction sites and equipment, ice rinks, stadiums, exhibition premises, stationary and mobile trading platforms.

Hangar-type warehouses can be used for storing containers. The frame and awning warehouse was produced for a well-known company that produces carbonated drinks. Therefore, the construction of a warehouse for containers for these products was especially relevant. Plastic containers should be stored in free-standing, unheated dry warehouses with natural ventilation. Between the rows of racks with containers, a passage with a width of at least 1 meter must be arranged. The dimensions of this design provide all the possibilities for the correct storage of containers, without violating the quality characteristics of the products.

Photos of the facility:

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